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Testimonial Tulsa Client

Enjoyed the videos and tips.  We are big fans of prong collar as well.  Makes walking our 80 lb blind Staffy a breeze.  It’s been tweaking training tips to accommodate a blind dog has been interesting. Never realize how much they rely on body language and eye contact until it is not an

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I am so grateful to have come across Jerri and Enzo on social media. The amount of knowledge I gained just from watching her videos was a game changer. From there I have been working with her directly and it has completely transformed my relationship with my dog. She has given me the confidence and guidance that I needed to work through his issues and I cannot thank her enough. Jerri celebrates all the small victories with you and you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients and their dogs. Aside from training, she has taught me so much about bully breeds in general. She sets you up for success by combining the knowledge of how to correct a behavior as well as WHY the dog is doing that in the first place. Jerri has become someone I look up to not only as a dog owner but as a mother and woman. She is smart, funny, confident, and strong. How openly she shares her struggles is inspiring. The world needs more Jerri’s!!!

Anna, A success story

Hi, this is Anna Stone I just finished a three week program with Jerri, and I truly could not be happier with my decision to invest in this training. I adopted Nova in a time when I desperately needed her, and for that I want to give her the amazing life that she deserves. I couldn't take her out in public much because of her reactivity, inappropriate behavior, and lack of doggy manners, and I could tell that she was restless and needed more from me. I tried positive-only reinforcement training, but Nova does not care about treats at all whatsoever. Following Jerri's methods and using balanced training, I was finally able to communicate with my dog in a way that she could understand, and I swear I have never seen my dog smile as big as she does when she realizes she gets to come with me when I leave the house now. I am so thankful for the opportunity that following Jerri's expertise has given to me and my dog, and I can't wait to bring Nova along for every single adventure! If you want to create an unbreakable bond with your dog and open the world up for them to experience, THIS TRAINING PROGRAM IS FOR YOU! Jerri is extremely dedicated to helping her clients get the best results, and her tips are personalized for your dog and their behavior. This was an investment in my relationship with my dog as well as our life that we will live together, and the future is so much brighter with this training! Thank you, Jerri!

A girl and her dog

Because of balance training, I was able to build confidence in my dog. I was able to RUN my dog with her looking at me. And her anxiety has gone down! So thank you, Jerri, you saved my dog that I was told the only option was to put her down.

CJ and Opie

Hi Jerri! Here's a little blip about opie for the website: opie came to me in February at 1year old from a farm in Michigan. His move to the big city was tough, lots of change, new owner and a leash?! What is that?! He learned quickly and always wanted to please but as he got used to the city it was clear he lacked confidence and had an impulse control issue as his prey drive increased. Working with Jerri has made a huge difference, not just in behavioral quirks but in our bond. I no longer worry about him off leash on the trail (and sometimes in the city!) and he is more confident than ever. He was always a good boy and now he's the envy of all the other pups in the District! CJ Fritts & Opie

Woman Hugging Dog

Joined a social media app to pass the time at home while during a pandemic, stumbled upon Jerri and Enzo! Never would I have thought a few video chats back and forth and I would have a better, balanced, well behaved dog who was connected to me. Now I am one of those people who have been training my 2 year old Blue Heeler since the day we brought him home. I went through 2 in person trainers and turned to the skill I knew. Boundaries for my dog, consistent training and being consistent all the time. I had a dog that for the most part was good. But we needed tweaking, a different approach and a different way to train! I found that with Jerri and Enzo, she made it super simple, broke down the steps and walked us through it! I’m all about tools to train any animal and that’s what Jerri gave us. These tool are not only physical tools like the prong collar but practical tools and the combination of them both,  I think makes and dog/owner team unstoppable! I will continue to reach out and use Jerri’s services as needed, it’s well worth the money. 

Thank you,
Jessica Clapper

Reema and Dexter

Jerri has been by far the BEST trainer I could have asked for my 2 yr old Amstaff - Dexter. Prior to meeting her, I did a few in person trainings sessions but all charge hourly etc. Her business model is NOT that! it is focused more to support the client and all the help they need in order to successfully train the dog  . The amount of detailed and specific advise I received throughout the process has already surpassed any trainer. I have asked so many stupid, silly and small questions and each and every time I got detailed explanations that not only made sense but helped me understand my dog’s behavior better. Her ability to do her job through an App is pure genius and her attention to detail makes her unique. I am truly thankful for running into Jerri as it has changed the way I train dexter on something as hard as a Prey Drive! xoxo Reema +  Dexter

Image by Marliese Streefland

Hey. I really need to thank you. I have been following your TikTok for a while and I have been training my six-year-old lab mix. Today he went to a new vet and they RAVED about how well mannered he was. Because of Covid I am not allowed to enter with him so I was very nervous, but he did fantastic! He did not react to the other dogs, he did not pull the leash he did not cry and howl (which was his normal) when I, mamma, was out of sight. I’m not gonna lie it’s hard not to treat him like a baby. It’s almost like I’m the one being trained, lol. Thank you again, I love your approach and I am looking forward to more videos.

Dog Testimonial

Thank you for posting all the things you post about training a dog.  I have a dog that I foster failed.  She was so nervous and reactive.  I knew that she needed training and I was always a big believer in collets as well as prongs.  Through research I found not every trainer is a believer in that.  I saw you on TikTok and I have followed you and taught her the things you have posted and WOW!!!! She is a new dog.  I’m pretty sure if shew was able to message you she would say thank you for teaching her how to work.