About our training programs

My goal here at Tulsa Pack Athletics is to help you learn how  to train your dog.  You will learn why structure is important,  why I always implement hand-feeding at the beginning of each program, the importance of tools, what kinds, and how to use them properly.  With any training program listed below a trainer will check in with you everyday on the video messaging platform of Marco Polo; it's incredibly innovative and used by coaches and trainers with great success all over the world.  This way, no matter what time zone you're in, you can film, send, and, respond to your trainer....EVERYDAY (minus Sunday).  The best part is that every message is there forever for you to reference if you forget what we talked about (unlike zoom or other video conferencing platforms where the meeting doesn't save or it has to be done live).  The trainer will check in with you at least daily - in a lot of cases they are able to check back more than once.  Daily access to a trainer is what takes you from being a dog owner, lost and unsure, to having the knowledge of your trainer EVERY DAY, and the ability to ask any question you want and get immediate help!  No more waiting for a week for your trainer to get back to you!  This process is intense and requires every owner taking accountability as we move forward together for your dog to be it's best self!  Checking in everyday has been the basis of our lasting success.

 If you have more than one dog, I have special packages for you that DO NOT cost double the price AND you get more time so we can work with each pet individually and accomplish separate goals.  

If you have any questions feel free to contact me (at the bottom of this page) or schedule a consult here.  If you're ready just choose a plan, I appreciate your boldness!! We will get started within a couple days!

So you purchased a package; now what??​

  1. Within 24 hours of purchase you'll receive a welcome PDF with all the info you'll need to know to get started.

  2.  You'll read through that and follow the steps: download your necessary materials, order tools if necessary, take a survey, fill out an initial contract, and hop on to introduce yourself to me!

  3. Once you've gotten on the Video Messaging Platform, I will have a consultation with you about expectations and goals.

  4. You'll be paired with a trainer or with me, depending on the plan that you chose. 

  5. From there, I will check in with you and your trainer periodically and pop into your virtual training session to give guidance, tips, reassurance; the whole 9 yards....Enzo does make appearances!

  6. If you have any questions feel free to contact us (at the bottom of this page)

To talk about In Person Training options please schedule a consult HERE